Corporate Solutions

Most companies today realize how crucial it is to have a strong positive Image in the eyes of their customers. We all agree that this is the key to building Brand Value.

One simple way to achieve this is by investing in your most important asset – your employees. There is no denying that you need to attract, develop and retain the best talent, provide them with training, support and encourage them to identify with the Company’s Goals and Vision.

Your executives should possess the right image, sophistication, etiquette and have the soft skills to represent your company in a changing, highly competitive world.

All this and at the same time have fun, enjoy their job and look forward to coming to work each day.

Look no further.

At LookinGlass we provide customized solutions based on your needs for Image Management, Soft Skill Development and Neuro Linguistic Programming

Our workshops incorporate all elements of adult training and are conducted in groups as well as one-on-one private sessions.


Image Management Workshops

These are based on Creating Powerful First Impressions, Appropriate Business Dressing, Communicating effectively, Delighting Customers through Customer Relationship Management, and Conducting business with panache through Etiquette training.

Our Modules

  • Campus to Corporate –Transforming from a student to an executive
  • Look the part – Smart dressing and Accessorizing for Women
  • Make-up and Grooming for the workplace for Women
  • Make a Mark – Power dressing for Men
  • Business Etiquette – From handshakes and business card protocol to travel and telephone etiquette, learn to conduct business in style. We give you tips for the workplace which covers Meet & Greet, Managing People & Situations, Time Management, Dealing with Office Gossip, Mobile Phone and Email guidelines, Conference Room courtesies and Business Entertainment.
  • Dining Etiquette – Dine, entertain with confidence. An actual visit to a restaurant where your colleagues will learn the Importance of Dining Etiquette, the types of Dining Situations, the Preparation –Invitation, Choice of Venue, Reservation and Seating, Placing the order, Different meal courses, Wine glasses and wine varietals, Napkin etiquette, Table manners – Do’s and Don’ts’, Passing food, Buffet etiquette, Conversations & courtesies on the table, Paying the bill & tipping.

Soft Skill Training.

Research shows that the ability to interact and work with people is far important than technical knowledge or intelligence.

We offer several soft skill workshops for personal and professional development. You can choose one or more sessions for your employees and executives that will enhance their productivity and contribution in all spheres for greater success.

These workshops are conducted as group training solutions for companies and institutions. Any of these can be adapted and customized according the needs you may have identified for your company.

Our Modules

Two day workshops                                                                               

  • Lead to Win – Learn to acquire Leadership Skills
  • Customer Management- Delight customers through great service
  • Super Salesperson – Get the skills to sell more
  • Talk Right – Effective vocal and verbal communication
  • Body Language – Why what you don’t say verbally matters
  • Cross Cultural Exposure – Learn to work and adapt in a foreign environment
  • 10 Soft Skills you cannot do without.

One day workshops

  • Managing Relationships at Work – Fine tuning Interpersonal Skills
  • Winning Together – Managing Teams and keeping them motivated
  • Managing Conflicts – Move from Conflict to Collaboration
  • Time and Stress Management – Manage your time without stress
  • Get, Set, Goal – The way forward to success with Goal Setting
  • Negotiation Skills – Getting people to agree to what you say and want
  • Emotional Intelligence & Empathy – Keeping your Emotional Quotient in check.


NLP for better Business

Globally corporate giants like British Gas and Virgin and small business enterprises have woken up to the benefits of NLP.

NLP studies what employees do at a conscious and unconscious level and by using certain techniques can help change behavior for a more rewarding work life. While NLP works better for individuals it can be modified for small groups.

Some areas where we can work together:

  • Stress & Anxiety Reduction
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Confidence Building
  • Getting and staying motivated
  • Flowing into the future with Goals & Timelines
  • Creating new beliefs and changing one’s style of work