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Image Management and Personal Branding

Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room” -Jeff Bezos Founder of

Impressions are quick to form, and they last a lifetime. In this competitive world, persons you meet be they colleagues, peers, even strangers at a social gathering are all forming impressions about you. Sometimes they have the power to break or make a job, or any other desired situation. At other times, they could be silent observers who could make life increasingly uncomfortable, tasks difficult and have the potential to stand in the way of your success.

You owe it to yourself to create a powerful Image because your happiness, success and fulfilment depends on it.

What is Image Management?

Your Image is your message, what you say and communicate and what people remember and recall once you are no longer present. A positive Image is undoubtedly the key to being more successful and its impact is being seen across all sectors of the economy.

Your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-competence are linked to the way you see yourself, which is in turn dependent on how people see you – your Image

Image Management is the only complete science and art of developing and reflecting your inner strengths to the outside world. It gets you to project an unforgettable positive impression.

Key Elements of Image Management.


Being visually appealing is 60% of Image building. Clothing and grooming, is the one personal characteristic that is immediately obvious and accessible to others. It makes a strong statement about one’s personality, values, attitude, interests, roles and goals.

It is a proven fact that appropriate dressing and grooming affects the way we feel, behave and how others respond to us. It is an available and effective tool that helps create a positive first impression.


Etiquette or the science of acceptable behavior in business, social and dining situations ensures we behave and conduct ourselves properly. Polish and sophistication are critical to Image building.


Getting people to hear, comprehend and respond to what you want to say can never be under estimated. Clear and confident communication is the key to portraying a powerful image.
 -Non-Verbal Communication – Only 7% of what we communicate is verbal. If one’s body language which communicates 55% contradicts what we are saying, which one will be believed?

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