Individual Solutions

At LookinGlass we offer private one-on-one sessions for Image Management, as well as for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Detailed information about your needs, roles and goals are captured via confidential questionnaires and interviews before evaluations are done and tailor made solutions offered.


Image Management and Improvement.

Learn the art of dressing, behaving and communicating well and make a powerful long lasting impression by choosing from our various recommended clinics.

Image Management Clinic Content

  1. Need analysis – Personal interview to determine where improvement is required and what are your specific needs when seeking Image Consulting.
  2. Lifestyle Evaluation Clinic –Aimed at evaluating your Personal Lifestyle, Roles & Activities, Clothing Needs; Goals Assessment, arrive at your Professional, Social and Personal Style Scale.
  3. Personal Style Evaluation Clinic– Identify your individuality, your unique personal style and dress to feel and appear more capable and credible. This clinic will include Personality Trait Evaluation, Elements of Design vis-à-vis Personal Style, Personal Style Grids, Clothing Cues, Personal Values Evaluation, your Preferred Clothing Characteristics
  4. Fit & Fashion Clinic – Understand your body and face shape and rely on clothes and styles that fit and flatter you through Personal Figure and Fit Style Evaluation. Learn to dress with style and ease. Guidelines for your figure will be given.
  5. Colour Sense Clinic – Dress according to your personal colouring. Understand what are and what aren’t your colours. Your Personal Colour Preference, Personal Colour Evaluation, Personal Colour Selection and Personal Colour Perceptions will be evaluated and recorded.
  6. Wardrobe Evaluation & Closet Organisation Clinic– Revamp your wardrobe and identify what works and what doesn’t work for you. We conduct a personal visit to your home to evaluate your wardrobe – garments and accessories, to clean out your closet, identify your needs, and arrive at a shopping list.
  7. Cluster Planning Clinic – Build a cluster of clothes to meet all your wardrobe needs
  8. Makeover Clinic – Private make-up sessions to create the perfect you. Face Shape Evaluation, Hairstyling for face shapes, Skin Care Evaluation, Makeup Evaluation, Beauty Tools.
  9. Personal Shopping – A personalized shopping experience where we accompany you to stores and help you choose clothes that are authentic, attractive, affordable and appropriate to your personality and lifestyle.
  10. Hygiene & Grooming – Care for hair, nails, skin. Understand accessories, matching and mixing.
  11. Etiquette
    Etiquette for Business
    , Benefits and Tips for the Workplace, Meet & Greet, Managing People & Situations, Time Management, Office Gossip, Mobile Phone and Email etiquette, Conference Room Guidelines, Business Entertainment.
    Etiquette for Dining – An actual visit to a restaurant where you will learn the Importance of Dining Etiquette, the types of Dining Situations, the Preparation –Invitation, Choice of Venue, Reservation and Seating, Placing the order, Different meal courses, Wine glasses and wine varietals, Napkin etiquette, Table manners – Do’s and Don’ts’, Passing food, Buffet etiquette, Conversations & courtesies on the table Paying the bill & tipping.
  12. Verbal and non-verbal communication for effective interaction with colleagues, customers and fellow human beings both Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication is a cornerstone for projecting and maintaining a long lasting impression.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a powerful set of techniques that help influence and change behavioral patterns for a more rewarding and fulfilling life. We can help you

Get rid of anxieties
Erase bad memories
Release negative emotions and limiting decisions
Change limiting beliefs and create empowering ones
Deal with addictions
Overcome phobias
Communicate effectively
Manage conflict
Create a better life by setting and reviewing goals