NLP or Neuro (processes of the mind) Linguistic (language or communication) Programming (learnt behavioral patterns) simply put is a personal development tool that with the use of certain powerful techniques aims to change a person’s undesired behavior so that they may live a more rewarding and fulfilling life

NLP was founded by Richard Bandler, a mathematician and John Grinder, a professor in linguistics at the University of Santa Cruz, California, USA in the 1970s. Richard Bandler is today considered one of the greatest geniuses of personal change and one of the most influential thinkers of the 21st century who has transformed millions of lives. He is a consultant to many Fortune 500 Companies, the US Military, NFL Players and Olympic Athletes..

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Benefits of NLP

NLP can help get rid of anxieties, stress, fears, addictions and phobias. It can help you set goals and strategies for your company and review these to make changes and move forward to the future. It also helps in greater communication, better relationships and conflict management.

Nina is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and at LookinGlass she offers solutions for both Individuals and Corporates