Soft Skills

Hard facts about Soft Skills

Whether you are looking to acquire the best talent to fill in that position as an employer or if you are an employee expecting a promotion, you most certainly must focus on soft skills. These often ignored skills are fundamental to sustaining good working relationships and are getting critical in guaranteeing employment and progress.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are hard to qualify: broadly put they are your personal attributes which determine how well you work with people, communicate and perform on the job in an overall sense. These vital skills which help you effectively relate with your colleagues and customers, are also referred to as People Skills. They help you gain co-operation and a positive attitude from others around you.

Why are Soft Skills important?

We often see examples where workers repeatedly complain about their superiors despite their exceptional knowledge. We hear of senior managers losing their jobs though they seemingly are experts in their field. All proving that it is not just knowledge and expertise that brings success.

Top researchers including those at Harvard University re-iterate that the ability to possess and demonstrate soft skills which means being able to communicate effectively, lead and work with a variety of people, be a good listener, present ideas in a concise manner and connect with colleagues and customers are all proving to be far more important than being technically savvy or possessing a high IQ or a degree.

Building Soft Skills

People spend years acquiring expertise and knowledge in their field of operation but often overlook understanding and developing their soft skills.

Like all skills, Soft Skills too can be learnt through consistent personal development. At LookinGlass we offer training modules that can assist you to enhance and hone your Soft Skills in areas of Leadership, Communication, Team Work, Conflict Management, Time Management to name a few.

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